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Bodega La venencia

The name of our winery is an instrument used to extract the wine from the vat.

La Venencia is a cylindrical beaker attached to a rod about one meter long.

It is a very simple instrument but with a lot of tradition, not only because of the antiquity of its use, but because of the ceremonial that extracts the wine from the barrel in this way.

It is not a ritual that anyone can do, you have to be an expert to get the wine and serve it properly in the wine cellars.

The professional in charge of this art is the venenciador, who will realize it correctly if it grabs the venencia by the end of the rod that has form of hook, this facilitates that it does not slide the rod off his fingers.

The venencia is to be introduced into the boot in a vertical form, so that it does not alter in any way the wine and especially the top layer of wine and reach the central part of the wine boot to extract the clean and bright liquid.

When the beaker is full, it must be extracted vertically as well.

Once on the outside of the boot the venenciador will oscillate the rod until placing it in horizontal form to thus fill the glasses, without spilling its contents outside.

A good professional will take the venencia with one hand and with the other hand one or several glasses.

As the wine goes down in the glass, the venencia is raised increasing the distance, this way the wine will oxygenate and when breaking in the glass the wine opens and releases all its flavor, aroma and color.

The final action of the wine is done by making a cut or sudden movement of the venencia, to avoid drips.

This way of tasting the wines, besides being very practical to taste the wines in the cellar, is also a spectacular ceremony.